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How Does Router Work

Routers are common devices found in homes as well as offices alike. Without routers, it will not be possible to use the Wi-Fi internet. But have you ever wondered how does router work? 

The following article deals with this question and will help you understand a routers working in simple terms.

Working of a Router

Routers are devices that help in connecting networks together as well as routing traffic between networks. The process where IP packets are forwarded from one network to another is called as routing.

There is a minimum of two network cards (NICs) in a router. One card is physically connected to a network and other physically connected to the other network. You can connect your router to any number of networks as it has a dedicated NIC for each network.

Components of a Router 

Let us learn what comprises of a router. The components of a router include:

  • Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  • Flash memory
  • Non-volatile RAM
  • Network Interfaces
  • Console 
  • RAM

The Process of Working in a Router

When you connect your router to an Internet provider’s network, it starts to work as follows:

  • Your router will power on and will load its OS using flash.
  • It will start loading the configuration file saved to NVRAM and will set up the network interface and routing protocol to run.
  • It will add the network address and subnet for every interface as well as the name of the interface itself.
  • The router follows a simple static default route and transfers all non-local data out of the Internet providers network port.
  • When any web page request is placed, the router will check the destination IP address against the routing table.
  • The bits formed from the destination IP address in the IP packet are used as a hash key which helps direct to the correct route. This turns points to the correct network interface to which the packet needs to be forwarded to.
  • Using the correct interface, the router transmits the packet out towards the next router that repeats the process until it reaches its destination.

Basically, a router is a networking device that helps in routing data packets between the home network and another network.

So, a router will allocate IP addresses to the devices connected using a DHCP server. It also helps carry out Network Address Translation (NAT). 

This is how a router works. It is actually a simple process if you do not dwell deep into the technical process.

How to Access Your Router If You Forget the Password

How to Access Your Router If You Forget the Password

Forgot the password to access your router? Do not worry. We will help you learn how to access your router. Just read on to find the answer to your problem.

Setting Up the Default Username and Password

When you cannot login into the router after you forget your password, you need to enable password recovery. You can open any browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome. Then, follow the steps below:

Once you launch any Internet browser page, make sure your device is connected to your router’s network.

Enter the default router IP address that is, or

You will be asked to enter the login ID and password. In most cases, the default username and password is ‘admin/admin’ or ‘admin/blank’.

In case, it does not match, or you have changed your default username and password, then the only thing to do is hard reset your router.

How to Hard Reset Router to Factory Settings

The only way to access your router after all failed attempts to recover your password, is hard resetting your router to factory settings.


Hard reset will cause you to lose all your Wi-Fi settings. Thus, you will need to save all your settings again after the hard reset that includes giving your network a new SSID as well as password.
Plug in your router into a power supply and find a tiny button at the back of your device. Using a pin or paper clip, press the button for about 30 seconds. The lights on the router device will flicker and flash. The router will reboot itself within a few minutes. 

Now, open a browser and enter the default IP address of your router. Enter the default username and password to access the router admin page. 

That’s it. Once you gain access to the admin page you can change the settings as per your needs and save the changes. This time make sure you write all your passwords and usernames in a safe place, in case you forget your password in future.

Default Username and Passwords for Routers

What is Default Username and Password for Router?

A default username and password means the settings saved by the manufacturer when the router left the factory. These default settings are same for every similar model of the router. In case you forget the username and password of the router, you can always check what is the default username and password for that particular router model. 

As it is same for all similar models, it will remain same for you until and unless you have changed the default username and password. In this case, you will have to run a factory reset and get your router back to its original factory settings.

Default Username and Passwords for Routers

There are many router manufacturers and each one has long list of different router models. However, most of the manufacturers keep the default username and password same for all models. 

Let us have a look at a list of router manufacturers and their default settings.

1.A- Link
Default Username – admin
Default Password – password

Default Username – admin
Default Password – password
Default Password (very old models) – 1234

Default Username – (blank)
Default Password – (blank)

Default Username – admin
Default Password – admin

5.Beam Telecom WiFi Router
Default Username – admin
Default Password – (blank)

6.Binatone Router Password
Default Username – (blank)
Default Password – (blank)

Default Username – admin
Default Password – admin

Default Username – admin
Default Password – password

These are a few commonly used routers and their default passwords and usernames. You can even check the default username and password printed under your router device. Alternately, you can also Google the name and model number of your router and get the default username and password.

Wednesday, 16 December 2020

How to change the wireless router password

How to change the wireless router password

A wireless router finds place in almost every home nowadays. How does it work? The router efficiently is connected to a modem and it transmits WiFi signal throughout your home so you can use the internet effortless for multiple purposes. This router eliminates the need to connect your devices directly to the modem. Thus you can use the gadgets in any place inside your home.

Many times you do not remember your wireless router password. This usually happens when you connect a new device to your wireless connection. Your multiple attempts for putting in the correct password fail and then you have no other choice left but change the old password and generate a new one for the router. So how do you do that? The following steps will help you. 

1.First open a web browser. Then enter your router’s IP address. The following are different kinds of I.P addresses used for routers:


Most home routers accept the default address / and this is the most convenient way to change router password. 

The other way to find out router log in and password is – If you have the router box intact with you then you can find it from the manual that came along with the router at the time of purchase. Another option to get the log in for your router is to call the router company for necessary assistance. 

2.After you open the router information page with the aforementioned I.P address, you will find a Log in page.  In most routers the default username and password both is “admin”. So type admin in both the places. If “admin” does not work for the password then you can try one more option i.e. “password”

3.Next to go to the “Settings” options

4.Navigate to Wireless > Wireless Security > WPA/WPA2 – Personal (Recommended) > Password .

5.Click on the “Change Router Password” option

6.Now enter the new password. Make sure you note in down in your phone or in a diary. 

7.Apply the new settings and your password will be changed.

When you learn how to change the wireless router password on your own, you do not need to depend on the service provider’s help. After you get your new password, connect all your devices to enjoy internet hassle free. 

Thursday, 18 July 2019

Reasons to Change Your Router Default Password Now!

Reasons to Change Your Router Default Password Now!

Free Internet with a good downloading speed is a great treat for anybody who is Internet savvy. Are you are using a good Internet connection and living in an apartment. Then, a few sneaky neighbors could access your network and use up all the bandwidth. You may find your Internet connection is suddenly becoming slower or your data limit is gets over before time without any heavy use. Well, it may indicate data theft as some smart hacker around you has been able to latch on to your Wi-Fi connection. If your router is still using the default password, it is time to change it immediately.

The best thing in such a situation is to change the router’s default Wi-Fi password.

Let us have a look at many reasons to change your router default password.

Reasons for Keeping Your Router Connection Secure

Many people do not understand the risks of not changing the default usernames and passwords. The default password is like an open invitation to hackers to login to your Internet connection. Not just hackers, but also any curious person in your network vicinity can log into it. If they gain access to your router, then they may change the password according to their wish and log you out of your own network.

Not just curious children, sneaky teenager, but also professional hackers may hijack your home network and lead to havoc in your private online life.

How to Manage and Secure Wi-Fi Network Passwords

The best way to prevent any unauthorized access to your network, is to change the administrative password immediately after installing the unit. Login to your router admin page using the default username and password. Then go to the settings and change the default admin password.

Once this is done you can now change the default password that helps connect devices to your Internet network. Do not use predictable passwords such as your name, date of birth or just 12345. Use a smart password that contains uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers as well as special characters. This will keep your network security strong for a long-term. Keep changing your password periodically so that those who have used your network temporarily do not gain access without your knowledge the next time they visit.

If you tend to forget your passwords, note it down in a secured place so that you can use it the next time required. There are plenty of reasons to change your router default password now. Just spend 10 mins and keep your network safe and secured.



How to Update Belkin Router Admin Password

How to Update Belkin Router Admin Password

Belkin routers are useful in broadcasting home Internet networks as well as office Internet networks. In order to secure your Belkin routers, you need to change its default password. This will prevent any unauthorized access to the router admin page that leads to change in settings. The administrator password is the default password that needs to be entered before accessing the router admin page.

Let us see the simple steps that helps you learn how to update Belkin router admin password.

How to Reset Belkin Router Admin Password?

The administrator password allows access to only those with the right password to access the router settings. If you update Belkin admin password, then only you or those who are aware of the changed password can access the admin page. Updating Belkin router admin password is also necessary in case you forget the changed password. In both cases, the method is more or less the same.

Step 1:

Connect your computer to the router’s LAN with the help of an Ethernet cable.

Step 2:

Now, enter in the address bar of any web browser, preferably Internet Explorer.

Step 3:

After entering the web-based setup page, you need to click on LOGIN tab located at the top of the page. Enter the default password and click on Submit.

Step 4:

Once you gain access to the System Settings page, go to Utilities. In case of Belkin Dashboard, go to Advanced Settings and from the drop down button go to System Settings under Utilities.

Step 5:

Here, you will find administrator password and update the new password by first Type in Current Password. Then enter the new password under Type in new Password. Confirm the new password in the next field. You can choose to enter the Login Timeout.

Step 6:

Once done, you can click on Apply Changes button and in case of Belkin Dashboard click on Save.
This is all you need to know about how to update Belkin router admin password. Make sure you write down your new password in a safe place so that you not forget or lose the new password.



Thursday, 14 February 2019

Calculate Subnet Mask

You can calculate subnet mask and even break down IP address classes to help route the traffic in a network.

Calculating Subnet Mask

Those who are ready to take the CCNA exam, they need to calculate a subnet mask. Before you calculate the subnet mask, you should write down public and private class address ranges, as follows:

IP Address Class

Class A: 1 – 126 (127 reserved)
Class B: 128 – 191
Class C: 192 – 223
Class D: 224 – 239 (reserved)
Class E: 240 -254 (reserved and experimental)

Private Addresses

Class A: through
Class B: through
Class C: through