Thursday, 18 July 2019

Reasons to Change Your Router Default Password Now!

Reasons to Change Your Router Default Password Now!

Free Internet with a good downloading speed is a great treat for anybody who is Internet savvy. Are you are using a good Internet connection and living in an apartment. Then, a few sneaky neighbors could access your network and use up all the bandwidth. You may find your Internet connection is suddenly becoming slower or your data limit is gets over before time without any heavy use. Well, it may indicate data theft as some smart hacker around you has been able to latch on to your Wi-Fi connection. If your router is still using the default password, it is time to change it immediately.

The best thing in such a situation is to change the router’s default Wi-Fi password.

Let us have a look at many reasons to change your router default password.

Reasons for Keeping Your Router Connection Secure

Many people do not understand the risks of not changing the default usernames and passwords. The default password is like an open invitation to hackers to login to your Internet connection. Not just hackers, but also any curious person in your network vicinity can log into it. If they gain access to your router, then they may change the password according to their wish and log you out of your own network.

Not just curious children, sneaky teenager, but also professional hackers may hijack your home network and lead to havoc in your private online life.

How to Manage and Secure Wi-Fi Network Passwords

The best way to prevent any unauthorized access to your network, is to change the administrative password immediately after installing the unit. Login to your router admin page using the default username and password. Then go to the settings and change the default admin password.

Once this is done you can now change the default password that helps connect devices to your Internet network. Do not use predictable passwords such as your name, date of birth or just 12345. Use a smart password that contains uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers as well as special characters. This will keep your network security strong for a long-term. Keep changing your password periodically so that those who have used your network temporarily do not gain access without your knowledge the next time they visit.

If you tend to forget your passwords, note it down in a secured place so that you can use it the next time required. There are plenty of reasons to change your router default password now. Just spend 10 mins and keep your network safe and secured.




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