Thursday, 14 February 2019

How To Find Devices Connected To Your Wi-Fi Network

Having a Wi-Fi network at home makes life easy for all. Everyone needs to be connected to the Internet in some way or the other. Smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets, even smart TV’s need an active Wi-Fi connection. Not just our own family members, but at times we have guests over who may share your Wi-Fi for a particular period. This includes your friends, neighbors, even relatives who come over for visit.

Over a period of time, you may find your Wi-Fi connection data is being used up too soon or is running too slow. This is when you find out or doubt you have a connection other than the devices in your home stealing your internet. How to find devices connected to your Wi-Fi network and eliminate the ones who do not belong to your family? We shall find an answer to this question in the following article.

Check Your Wireless Router Device

One of the easiest way to check if someone is actually stealing your Wi-Fi is by first and foremost disconnect all possible devices in your home connected to your home network. After you are sure none of your authorized devices are connected to your Wi-Fi take a look at your router device after about 10 minutes. You will find the wireless light has stopped blinking or in some routers turns red. If the light is still blinking or the light color has not changed to red, it means someone is still connected to your network.

Check the Router Admin Page

Now connect just your computer or laptop to your wireless network. On your computer, click Win key on your keyboard + R. Type cmd and a command prompt will appear, where you type ipconfig. Press Enter and you need to find Default Gateway. This default gateway is the IP address of your computer/laptop. Note it down.

Mac users need to open Network Preference pane and look at the IP address listed next to Router.

Open any browser and login to your router admin page.Depending on your router you need to look for the option that shows you all the connected devices to your home network. For example:

  • Linksys look for DHCP Clients,
  • D-Link for Wireless>Status,
  • TP-Link look for DHCP> DHCP Clients List

In this list you will get the IP address and host name. Check the IP addresses connected to the router currently. If you see any other IP address other than your own computer/laptop, means it is an unauthorized device that is stealing your network.

What to Do to an Unauthorized Device?

The first thing to do is block that IP address from your router admin page. Next, make sure your router security is WPA1-AES. Change your wireless network password so that all unauthorized devices can no longer get connected to your network. Now, only those devices that are authorized to use your network will know your new password.

To further find out who is mooching off your network, you can try downloading software tools that help monitor your network. You could try Advanced IP scanner that is free and easy to use. It will provide you with detailed information about each device connected to your network. Thus, helping you note if any unauthorized device has found a way to your network.




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