Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Cable Modem Advantages and Disadvantages

Modem is a device that helps communicate computer signals such that it helps in sending and receiving data from the Internet. There are many types of modems available in the market. These include the dial-up modems, the satellite modems, those that use fiber optic networks, the newer cable modems.

We shall learn a bit about the cable modem advantages and disadvantages.

What is a Cable Modem?  

A cable modem is commonly used in homes. It is convenient to use and affordable device for home networks. Cable modems can transfer Internet data in a similar way like cable T.V.

The cable modem technology uses the separate wires within the same cable to transfer cable T.V programs as well as Internet data. This makes it profitable for service providers as they do not need to incur additional costs and can provide both cable service as well as Internet plans.

Advantages of Cable Modems

The advantages of cable modems are as follows:

  • You do not need a landline connection to get Internet. Also, your Internet is active 24/7 as it is not a dial-up connection, wherein you need to disconnect from the Internet in order to make and receive calls on your landline.
  • Cable modems provide faster Internet speed as compared to dial-up, satellite, and DSL connections.
  • One can download and upload large files faster over cable modems.
  • Cable modems do not dropout or lose connection as commonly as dial-up connections
  • The cable modems give better online gaming experience to users.

Disadvantages of Cable Modems

There are certain disadvantages of cable modems such as:

  • They offer slower Internet speeds as compared to fiber-optic Internet. Also, the speed depends on the number of connections connected to the same Internet line in your area. During peak hours, the speed may be slower as many people use the Internet simultaneously.
  • Using cable modem connections requires paying substantial fees on monthly, quarterly, or annual fees.
  • Cable modem connections are not available in all areas.

These are some of the cable modem advantages and disadvantages. Cable modems are convenient and easy to setup at homes. They do have their share of disadvantages, but the advantages are far more attractive. Cable modems offer satisfactory speeds, reliable connections, and quality services in most cases.




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