Saturday, 31 March 2018

Why Do I Need To Change The SSID On My Router?

In order to keep your home network protected from hackers, eavesdroppers, as well as Wi-Fi thieves, it is necessary to change the SSID.

All wireless broadband routers and wireless access points need a Service Set Identifier (SSID). The SSID helps identify your home network from other wireless networks in the area. Let us understand why you need to change the SSID on your router.

Reasons Why You Need to Change the Default SSID

The SSID is the name of your wireless router. It comes with a default service set identifier that usually is the name of the manufacturer or the device model number. But, why do you need to change the SSID?

There are many reasons that compile you to change the SSID as soon as possible. Firstly, the default name makes it easy for even novice hackers to hack into your home network. The default name gives them all the cues to break into a WPA2 encryption.

Not changing the SSID also implies you are technically-challenged. This tempts the hackers to try and get hooked onto your network. Even the teenage kid of your neighbor takes it as a ‘divine gift’ from the heavens above. It makes it so easy to identify the device you use and find a way to reach its admin page and hack into your home network.

What Names Are Not Suitable as SSID?

When changing your SSID, it is important not to give away any personal information. Do not choose your birthdate, family name, pet’s name, etc. as your SSID. These are dead giveaways that the router belongs to a particular home and makes it easy for someone known to target your home network.
You need to select a SSID name that is unique and not share by any other nearby networks. Use a name such as SquadNet or a scarier name such as MalwareThreat. You could try ZoneIX or any random number with special characters 876%789.

Is There Any Way to Cloud SSID?

Yes, you could try and cloud or hide your SSID, so that no one can scan and discover your home network. You need to login into your router admin page and go to the Wireless option and change your SSID from the Wireless Network Name (SSID). You will find an option with a check box that says SSID Broadcast. Select the box that says Disabled. Save the settings and you SSID will no longer be broadcasted.

This is the perfect way to protect your home network from nasty hackers. Or else you could always turn off the router when not in use or before you leave the house. Thus, making it difficult for freeloaders from using your home network.

Thus, to protect your wireless network from hackers and Wi-Fi thieves who use up your broadband data or cause your network speed to slow down you need to take steps such as changing SSID. It gives a unique identity to your router and helps authorized devices from finding your home network easily.



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