Saturday, 31 March 2018

How to Stop Neighbors from Stealing Your Wi-Fi Connection

Slow Internet speed is a cause of concern for every wireless network user. You often wonder why your Internet speeds drag when it should have been lighting fast as claimed by your ISP. There can be various reasons such as a malfunctioning router, poor quality cables, etc. Another reason that can cause slow Internet speed is someone stealing your Internet bandwidth. Freeloaders may hack into your wireless connection and use it to play and download online games, movies, music, and even transfer heavy files over your network.

This may lead to slow Internet speed on your computer. In this article, we shall help you learn how to stop neighbors from stealing your Wi-Fi connection.

Is Someone Stealing Your Wi-Fi?

Before we start our action against prevention of Wi-Fi theft, let us be sure if someone is actually stealing your Wi-Fi. You need to enter your router’s default IP address in a web browser and then enter your default login username and password. Then once you gain access to your router admin page, look for DHCP Client Table. Here, you will be able to find the list of MAC addresses to all the connected devices. If you have 4 devices in your house and it shows more than 4 devices connected, it means someone is definitely stealing your Internet. Or make sure you turn off the wireless connection on all your devices and then check the list of connected devices. If it still shows devices connected, it definitely means the Wi-Fi thief is using your wireless connection.

How to Stop Someone from Stealing Your Wi-Fi?

There are various ways that help you prevent freeloaders from piggybacking on your wireless connection.

1.Create a Strong Password

You need to log in to your router admin page and change your password. You should choose a password with a combination of capital and small alphabets, numbers as well as special characters. Do not use common phrases or personal dates such as your birthday or zip code as password. Make sure the password is difficult to guess and crack.

2.Change the Wireless Encryption

You should set your wireless security to WPA2, WPA2-Mixed or WEP. Do not use WPA as your wireless security mode as it can be cracked even by a novice hacker. Once the security and password have been changed, no one can join your network until and unless you give them your wireless network password.

3.Include MAC Filtering

All your Internet-enabled devices have a unique MAC address. Go to your router’s dashboard and look for Wireless Mac Filter. Here, add all the MAC addresses of the devices you and your family owns. Keep these MAC address under the whitelisted devices, so that no other device can connect to your wireless network.

4.Change Your SSID

You should change the SSID of your wireless network to something different. Do not use wireless network names such as ‘Peter’s Wit-Fi’, or ‘The Malcolm’. This makes it an easy target for neighbors and freeloaders as they know this network belongs to a particular family. Instead, you can use names such as c://virus or malware.exe or, that sounds scary and deters neighbors from trying to hack into.

5.Hide Your Wi-Fi Network

You can turn off SSID broadcast and hide your network from showing up on other’s wireless network scan. Just log into the router’s admin page and go to Wireless Security Disable wireless router radio button.

These are some of the easy and simple ways to stop neighbors from stealing your Wi-Fi. Wireless network thieves will no longer have a field day using up your bandwidth for free. You will definitely find your network speed improve once you are able to block all the freeloaders sucking up your Internet bandwidth without your permission.



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