Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Hide Your Wi-Fi Network and Prevent It from Being Seen

When the SSID of your Wi-Fi network is broadcasted, it is in a way screaming at your neighbors or eavesdroppers “Hey there. It’s me! Try to connect with me”. This becomes a problem when you live in an area which is prone to Wi-Fi stealing or hacking. Yes, you can and you should keep a difficult password as well as keep the encryption levels high. However, what if I tell you can hide your Wi-Fi network from the gaze of a potential leech? Read on and find out how to hide Wi-Fi network and prevent it from being seen in Windows 10.

Hiding Your Wi-Fi Network SSID

Most of us pay a bomb to get a good Internet service. It becomes very irritating when you have sly neighbors who tend to steal your network. The best way to overcome this problem is by opting for a hidden network. This way not only will you save your precious bandwidth, but also enjoy better Internet speed.

The best way to prevent a free ride over your wireless network is by turning on the WPA2 encryption on the wireless router. This will make sure it becomes difficult to hack into your network. Keep a difficult password for your network so that it becomes harder for a leech to break into your wireless connection.

Another important thing is to change the SSID of your wireless network. If you keep the default SSID of the wireless network, it becomes easier for hackers to guess your router model. The default SSID is a dead giveaway for hackers making it easy for them to guess the default admin password for your router.

Now coming back to our main topic. How to hide your Wi-Fi network from potential hackers? Just follow the steps below and hide your home network from popping on to the network scan of other users.

1. Open a web browser and type the default IP address of your router in the address bar. The default IP address is usually or

2. You will be asked to enter your default login ID and password. Default login ID is usually admin and default password is usually password/ admin or left blank.

3. Once you login into your router admin page, you need to look for Wireless Settings or Channel and SSID under Advanced or Setup or Wireless tab.

4. Here, you can change the visibility of the SSID to ‘Invisible’ or clear the checkbox that says ‘Broadcast SSID’ or ‘Enable SSID Broadcast’.

5.Click Apply and Save your changes.

Once complete, your SSID will no longer appear in the list of network available. If no one can see you network, then no one can try and hack into your wireless network. This is all you need to do to hide your Wi-Fi network and prevent it from being seen.




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