Monday, 4 December 2017

Tips to Prevent Wi-Fi Theft

Do you find your broadband data suddenly running low?

Is your Internet speed slower than the speed of a turtle? Well, then it means someone is stealing your Wi-Fi network and using it for their personal gains. Many people tend to blame their ISP’s or think their routers are out-of-date. However, at times the real reason is neighbours or kids who love to hack are silently stealing Wi-Fi network from you.

Let us have a look at some tips that helps you prevent stealing of Wi-Fi network.

Tips to Prevent Wi-Fi Theft

There are many methods that you can try all at once or one by one to prevent Wi-Fi theft. These methods will make sure no one can suck the bandwidth out of your connection.

Keep a STRONG Wi-Fi Password

The first step to prevent someone from stealing your Wi-Fi is keeping a strong password. When a password is strong it becomes very difficult for hackers to hack it. You should use a combination of upper and lower case alphabets, numbers, as well as special characters. Do not use common phrases or names such as your pets name or date of birth, zip code, etc. Instead use something that is difficult to guess and hack.

Use Stronger Encryption

You should use strong network encryption to prevent hacking. Do not use the basic WEP encryption. Instead use WPA2 as it is stronger and harder to break.

Keep SSID Names Smart

Do not use ‘My Wi-Fi’ or ‘Internet Zoom’ as your SSID names. These names tend to attract hackers. Use scary names such as malware.exe, Police_Surveillance, cyber_attack, etc. that tends to deter hackers or nosy neighbours from trying to steal your Wi-Fi.

Use Apps to Detect Unwanted Devices IP Address

There are many apps that are available for free and help in detecting unauthorized devices accessing your IP address. Make sure none of your devices are connected to the network. Once the unauthorized IP address are displayed, write them down. Then, connect to the admin page of your router and go to the Security tab. Here, find Mac Filtering  Add Device. Here, enter the IP addresses of the devices you wish to block from accessing your network. Click Apply  Save.
This will block your neighbours who are accessing your Wi-Fi network permanently.


You can even hide your SSID from being displayed in the list of available Wi-Fi network. Just go to the admin page of your router and uncheck the box where it says display SSID. Thus, no one will be able to detect your Wi-Fi network and thus, will be unable to steal network.

These are some of the tips to prevent theft of Wi-Fi network. Keep your passphrases strong and make sure you use a combination of these tops to deter people who are planning to leech over your Internet connection.


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