Monday, 2 January 2017

What is Bluetooth Technology? How Does It Work?

You may have heard youngsters talk about transferring data over Bluetooth. Or may have seen people converse animatedly on the subway.

Actually, they are speaking to someone on the phone using Bluetooth headphones. This makes many wonder what is Bluetooth technology and how does it work.

Let us uncover the truth behind Bluetooth and know more about this useful technology.

Bluetooth Technology – Overview

Bluetooth is a type of wireless technology that helps in transferring data between different Bluetooth-enabled electronic devices. It does not use any wires or cables to connect phones or computers. Instead, it uses radio waves to transfer data and connect devices.

With the help of a tiny computer chip that contains Bluetooth radio or software, it helps connect phones, computers, headphones, watches, etc. Thus, the term hands-free became a fad among the youngsters who wished to do more wirelessly.

Bluetooth is a strange name for a transformative wireless connectivity technology. It is named after Harald Bluetooth, who was a Danish King. He helped in bringing together Scandinavians of the 10th century. Bluetooth in ways helps different devices connect wirelessly.

How Does Bluetooth Work?

It is not magic that helps Bluetooth work. Radio-wave technology helps Bluetooth function. It helps devices over short distances connect each other between 10m or 30/40 feet. Bluetooth devices with a range of over 100 feet are also available.

The Bluetooth RF transceiver operates within the unlicensed ISM band centered at 2.4GHz. Using an RF topology called the ‘star topology’, it manages devices. When devices are synchronized, it leads to the creation of one expert and other servant type connection. The expert device or master will communicate with the slave devices within the Bluetooth system. It will deliver its own exclusive address and the value of its inner time.

When the master device sends data or communicates, the slave devices will receive the information. For example, when you switch on the Bluetooth on your mobile phone and connect it to the Bluetooth speakers. First, your phone will search for devices in your nearby areas and then display your speakers. Choose your speakers to connect the devices. Once the connection is established, you can start playing music on your phone using the speakers.

This was all about what is Bluetooth technology and how does it work. The technical details are not much use to a general user. All you need to know is connecting different devices together and using them for hands-free speaking or listening to high-quality stereo music or using your smartwatch.



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