Saturday, 7 January 2017

How to Connect Two Computers Without a Router

You may have multiple computers at your home or workplace. In order to connect different computers to share files, documents or Internet connection, you may need to set up a network.

Instead of going through an elaborate process of getting a router, you can do it the easy way. We will show you an easy method that teaches you how to connect two computers without router.

Connecting Computers Without Using a Router

Sharing files, photos, videos, music as well as Internet between two computers is possible without a router. The best and the simplest way is to buy an Ethernet cable and you are good to go.

In order to use an Ethernet crossover cable, your computers need to be installed with LAN or Ethernet cards. If you are using the latest computers then you need not worry. These machines have network cards installed by default. In case your machine does not have it, then do not worry. Just attach an internal LAN card to the motherboard or get yourself a USB Network adapter.

Getting Computers in the Same Workgroup

Now, before you get two computers connected with the help of an Ethernet crossover cable, you need to make sure the computers are in the same workgroup.

Those using Windows XP need to go to My Computer and select the Properties from the drop-down menu. Go to Computer Name in System Properties. Click on the Change button, enter the unique Workgroup name, and restart the computer.

Windows Vista or 7 users need to go to Control Panel and search for Workgroup. Select any entry that says ‘Change Workgroup Name’ and click on the Change button. Type the name you want for your workgroup, save and restart the computer.

Connecting Workgroup Computers Using Ethernet Crossover Cable

Using an Ethernet crossover cable, you need to connect the two computers. Just plug one end of the cable to the network adapter of one computer and the other end to the adapter of Computer B.

You may have to Turn On Network Discovery and File Sharing on your computer. This will help you look for the second computer on your Network. Make sure you select ‘No, make the network I am connected to a private network’ when prompted.

That’s it. Once the computers are connected, you can start sharing files, photos, media, etc. between the two.

Sharing Internet without a Router

When you wish to share Internet between computers who do not belong to the same workgroup, you can do so with an Ethernet cable. All you need is one computer with an active Internet connection and one Ethernet crossover cable.

Those using Windows XP need to go to ‘Network and Internet Connection’ and click on the Network Connections.

When you right-click on the network connection you need to share, select Properties and go to the Advanced tab. Select the Allow network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection. Click on OK and that’s it. Your computers will now share Internet connection using an Ethernet cable.

Windows Vista and 7 users need to follow a slightly different process. Go to Network Connections in Control Panel and search for View Network Connections. You need to right-click on the network connection you want to share and go to Properties. Now, select Sharing and select ‘Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection.’ Once you hit OK, your computers will start sharing the Internet connection.

As you can see, it is possible to connect two computers without Router. Just invest in a good Ethernet crossover cable and you will be good to go!



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