Thursday, 23 June 2016

Free and Public DNS Server List

Your Internet Service Provider automatically assigns the DNS server for your router or computer. This happens whenever when your device tries to connect to the Internet.

So do we have to compulsorily use the DNS server assigned by your ISP? Well no. You can use free and public DNS servers in place of the default DNS assigned. If you have no clue about free and public DNS servers, we will introduce some of the reliable servers to you.

Why Use Free DNS Servers?

There are certain situations where you need to seek an alternative DNS server for your computer.

These situations include:

  • You find an alternative DNS server is very close to your location and using it will improve your Internet speed.
  • The DNS server provided by your ISP is found to be unreliable. Thus, choosing an alternative DNS server will solve your security issues.
  • Some users are still using an old Operating System. They do not receive any security updates for their computer. In such a case, choosing a third-party DNS will help protect you from phishing attacks.
  • The most common reason for most people to opt for free and public DNS servers is geographical restrictions and web censorship. Using an alternative DNS server can help you access websites that you otherwise can’t open due to restrictions on your DNS server.

5 Best Free and Public DNS Servers

When you go looking for free and public DNS servers, you will find a long list of providers. Which ones are reliable and which ones are worth the change? Well, we will give you names of top 5 free DNS servers that you can choose an alternative.

#1 Google Public DNS

Google provides the most reliable and preferred third-party DNS service. The Google Public DNS will make your web experience faster and secure. You can start using their DNS servers by changing your IP addresses to and Keep in mind, Google supports IPv6 connectivity.

# 2. OpenDNS

Now, if you need an extensive version of a DNS server, you need to opt for OpenDNS. The company makes sure your devices remain secured. They offer two versions of their services Personal and Business. These variants have awesome features that matches their requirements. Such as parental controls in the Personal version. You need to change your IP addresses to and to enable OpenDNS on your device.

#3. DNS Watch

Another third-party DNS server for the minimalistic user. You can use Internet that is fast and uncensored with DNS Watch at no cost at all. Yes, you read it right. The company believes in DNS Neutrality and thus, does not permit any intrusion of any kind. The IP address for DNS.Watch is and

#4 Norton ConnectSafe

This DNS server is designed to provide users with utmost security in the web world. It will protect you from phishing, malware, scams, pornography, etc. Norton ConnectSafe can be configured in both the system as well as routers.

#5. Level3 DNS

Level3 DNS provides not just reliable Domain Name System, but also provides uses with high-level performance. It is a network-based service that provides the best speed. The IP for Level3 is,,,, and

Other Free and Public DNS Servers

The following are a few other alternative DNS servers you can opt for.

  • Comodo Secure DNS -;
  • DNS Advantage-;
  • Norton ConnectSafe6-;
  • GreenTeamDNS7     -;
  • SafeDNS8 -;
  • OpenNIC9 -;
  • SmartViper -;
  • Dyn-;
  • Hurricane Electric14 -     
  • puntCAT15    -   

You can try these a few free and public DNS servers. It will definitely improve the speed as well as security you experience when surfing the Internet.



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