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What Is an IP Address Conflict

What Is an IP Address Conflict?

When trying to connect to the Internet, you find a message IP address conflict flashing on your screen. This does not allow you to connect to the Internet and get on with your work. What is an IP address conflict? How does it affect your connectivity and are there any steps to resolve this issue? 

All these and many more questions are answered in the article below.

What is an IP Address Conflict?

IP address conflict is a very inconvenient issue faced by users. This problem that occurs when two or more devices are assigned the same IP address. This causes them to become useless in terms of connectivity. 

An IP address is the unique identifier of every computer or device that can be connected to the Internet. It consists of numbers such as If this number is not assigned to a device, the device cannot connect to a network. 

When an error message such as IP address conflict comes up, it is usually because the IP address of one device is in conflict with another device. An IP address can be static or dynamic. Static IP addresses are those that do not change and need to be manually assigned. On the other hand, the dynamic IP addresses are those that can be temporarily assigned and the device gets a new IP address every time it gets connected to the Internet or router.

Static and dynamic IP addresses both can face the problem of IP address conflict. However, static IP is more likely to have this problem than dynamic IP address.

Why does it Occur?

An IP address conflict can occur in several ways. 

These include:

  • When a system administrator assigns two computers the same static IP address on the LAN.
  • A computer is assigned a static IP address within the local network’s DHCP range (dynamic IP range) and the same IP address is assigned by a local DHCP server.
  • Multiple computers are assigned the same IP address due to a malfunction in the network’s DHCP server.
  • When a laptop or computer is put on standby or hibernate mode and awakened later on.
  • When two customers are assigned the same IP address by mistake by an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

How to Resolve It?

In order to resolve IP address conflict, one needs to:

  • Ensure that the local host is configured with a unique IP address in networks where the IP addresses are fixed, that is, statically assigned.
  • In computers that have dynamically, assigned IP addresses should be given renewed IP addresses to avoid IP address conflicts.
  • Upgrade the router firmware if the home router is facing a faulty DHCP server that leads to IP address conflicts. 

This is all about what is an IP address conflict. If your issue is not resolved you can call your ISP provider for help or bring in a technical expert who will solve this conflicting problem for you.


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