Sunday, 17 April 2016

How to Configure Router Using IP

Configuring your router is an easy deal if you know the right thing to do. It is important you refer to your router user manual before you try anything new.

This will make sure you know the minor changes you may have to follow when setting up your router.

We shall show you how to configure router using as a general DIY guide for most router models.

Configuring Router Using

Now, most manufacturers have as their default IP address. This default IP address is actually your gateway to get access to the router admin page.

Let us have a look at the steps to configure wireless router using

  • Type the IP address in your web browser address bar.
  • You will be prompted to enter the default username and password. You will get this information printed on the back of your router device. Or even in the user manual. It is usually admin as the username and password.
  • Now, after gaining access to the admin home page, you need to first go to the Setup/Wireless Setting/Basic Setup page. 
  • Choose Automatic Configuration for DHCP. 
  • Now, set up the IP address for the router. The IP address is and the subnet mask is
  • Give your router a name. Choose the Router Name like Home-Router, etc.
  • Keep the DHCP Server on Enabled. This will ensure any device that connects to your network is assigned an IP address automatically.
  • Now, move over to the Wireless tab and go to the Basic Wireless Settings.
  • You need to choose the Network Name, that is, the SSID. This SSID will be displayed on all devices that search for a Wi-FI network. Make sure this name is unique and does not contain any personal information.
  • Make sure you enable the Wireless SSID Broadcast so that other wireless clients can identify and detect your network.
  • Coming to the most important part, the Security Mode. You need to use the WEP, WPA personal or WPA2 personal security mode. If your router supports WPA2/WPA Mixed Mode, make sure you choose it.
  • Enter the password or passphrase for your network. The passphrase should be minimum 8 letters long and maximum 64 letters. It should contain upper and lower case letters, numbers as well as special characters. Do not share this passphrase with anyone until required.

You need to click on Save or Submit and save your router settings. Try to connect a device after you configure the device using You just need to enter the passphrase you entered and your device will be connected to the internet using your wireless network.

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