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How can I find my networks SSID

The following article will serve as a guide and help you answer the question how can I find my network’s SSID.

Locate Network’s SSID


If you want to search for the default SSID of the router, you need to look for it on your device itself. Just look on the side or the bottom of the device for a sticker. It will have all the information printed over it like the SSID or ‘Network Name’. The SSID will be printed near the barcode.


How to Use Another Device to Find Network’s SSID

If you are using a device to connect to your network, it can be used to find your network's SSID.


If you are a Windows user, you need to left click on the signal icon located at the bottom right of your panel on the desktop. Find the name of the network in the list that says “Connected”. This Connected network is your SSID.

Mac OS

Mac users need to select the Wi-Fi icon from the menu bar and search for a list of network with a check mark. This check marked SSID is your network.



iOS users need to select ‘Settings’ and select ‘Wi-Fi’. In this list find a network with a check mark.


Android users need to select ‘Settings’ and select ‘Wi-Fi’. In the list of networks, find one that says ‘Connected’.

How to Find SSID from Router Admin Page


You need to enter the default IP address of your router within the browser of your computer. Now, enter the default username and password to gain access to the admin page. This information will be available on the sticker on the router device. Now, after gaining access, look for the settings page and you will find ‘SSID’ or ‘Network Name’. The name displayed here will be your network’s SSID. If you wish, you can change it as you wish and click ‘SAVE’. This new SSID will now be displayed on all your devices.

This is all you need to do to find the network’s SSID.


Wifi password log in admin  


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