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How to Find Your Router IP Address

You need to configure a home router at times and for this, you need to visit the router’s administration page online. You need to login using the IP address of your router’s administration page.

Many of us non-techies never know what an IP address is. Thus, reaching the router’s administration page become a task in the first place.

This is the reason we are writing about how to find your router IP address so that you can configure your home router and make it more secure and personalized.


What is an IP Address of a Router?

Routers have a web-based interface and that is why you need to use a browser to access it. You will need to add the username and password after you enter the IP address of the router. This IP address consists of four digits that are separated by periods. They usually start with 192.168 and end with either 1.1 or 2.1.

Finding Your Router IP Address

There are many ways to find an IP address. And none of them are complex or require you to know technical tricks. Most of the routers have the IP address labelled or printed on the device. At times, the manual that comes along with the router contains the IP address.

It is important to note that the Windows OS refers to the ‘router’ as the ‘Default Gateway’. If you are a Mac user, it will call the ‘router’ as ‘Router’. The Chrome OS calls the ‘router’ as just ‘Gateway’. So, if you come across these terms do not get confused. They all mean the same thing, ‘Router’.

In case you cannot find the manual or no label is visible on the router, you can try the following tricks and find router IP address.

How to Find Router IP Address on Windows

Windows users can find their IP address by typing “ipconfig” in the Command Prompt. You will find Command Prompt in the Start Menu under Accessories. Once you type ‘ipconfig’, a black window will open up with loads of information. Here, you need to scroll and find the IP address, subnet mask and the default gateway. The ‘Default Gateway’ is the IP address of your router.

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Use this default gateway number to type into any browser and connect to the router administration page.

How to Find Router IP Address on Mac

Those who are Mac users can find the IP address by opening the Terminal app. Now, run the command ‘route –n get default’. You will find the values in ‘default gateway’.


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How to Find Router IP Address on Google

If nothing else works, Google is there to help. Just type the name of your router model in the search box and you will get all information related to the router, including the IP address.

This is all about how to find router IP address. It is very simple and easy to find your default IP address and configure your router according to your requirements.

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